Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Leaving Again

No page 3 because they have uncovered something else in the Grand Library that my Master wants me to check out. I'll be gone for at least a week.

Apparently there is something besides these 10 pages I have that have to do with this. I'll return with more news soon enough.

I'd update while I was away, but Theurgy-proofing my laptop once was hard enough and moving it would undo all my work.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Page 002

Here is the new page.

The leaf shape in the middle on the original is hypnotising. It is the darkest of blacks but it doesn't stain through the page. It doesn't look drawn or filled... It just is. I just drew the outline as I don't feel I could replicate it.

The eye shape with the long lashes is also more symmetrical in the original drawing. I'm not a very good artist.

I would also like to apologise as I made a mistake on page 1. The first symbol on the lower set of symbols is upside down. It should look more like a u than an n. I am very sorry if this has confused anyone.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Page 001

The first page can be found here.

The symbol on the right is the Ignis symbol and the one on the left is the Terra symbol. Those symbols are used quite a bit in Theurgic rituals. This has something to do with Earth and Fire Theurgy.

Everything else is odd.

Crazy Image

They won't let me scan them into the computer, so I'm going to have to copy them all by hand to see if I can get them on here.

I'll have something by tomorrow.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Lack of Updates

I have been away with my Master for the last few weeks at the Grand Library. It is in a vault under Rome. My Master gave me the challenge of deciphering all the manuscripts made by a certain author over 300 years ago and I managed it. He was quite proud.

I did, however, find something rather strange by the same author. A collection of codes and pictures, but they were in pristine condition. They weren't aged at all.

Tempus was only discovered 120 years ago, so he couldn't have used that to keep them clean. It is all the same handwriting and they were in a box I found about 3 miles into the Archive and that place is kept tight. The box was dated and sealed about 280 years ago, so it couldn't have been tampered with or they would know.

My Master has given me the extra challenge of working all this out. I'll start posting the pieces tomorrow. For now I need rest.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Notes and Reference III

Iron and Steel
It is a known fact that iron has special properties that are lost in the conversion to steel, even though it gains strength and durability.

Iron is a very useful weapon against Fey and Theurges. It has the ability to maintain a small amount of Aether around it, cutting off any Theurgy in the area. As a weapon it can get through the Theurgic defences of the Fey and as an armour it is useful to protect yourself from Theurgy.

Many Theurges, myself included, wear specially stitched gloves on their off-hand that are laced with iron. While not a comfortable material to wear and often worn over silk, it can allow the Theurge to re-stitch the Aether by moving the hand through it. This cancels any Theurgy in progress and can also be used in Duels as a defence, though in Official IGT Duels this material is banned as it ruins the sport.

Thursday, 2 June 2011


Vincent and Paul are leaving now. The Master is taking them somewhere away from here to cleanse them of the Mist.

I'm practising my Ignis again. The Master says I may need it in the future but that only worries me. He has a habit of predicting the future very accurately.