Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Still Alive

Just a quick update.

I got home to London, went to bed, woke up, and then there was an earthquake.

I helped my Master clean up and deal with people.

The public needs protection from Theurgic accidents that big.


  1. A Theurgic accident? Do you or your Master know who or what caused it?

  2. The was an Aether build up due to high levels of Theurgic activity. Most likely it was the fault of the IGT and certain other parties over-using Theurgy without dispersing the Aether.

    This happens when Theurgy is used, but not all Aether gathered is consumed. It usually condenses in Mist, but ti didn't this time.

    It may also be an after-effect of the Cardiff Void forming.

  3. Hey there. I hate that our only interaction is me bugging you about things, but I have another query that maybe you can answer for me.

    Your master, Gregory Mason - is he related to a Michelle Mason? One who'd probably be around 26 or 27 now?