Tuesday, 10 May 2011

My Master

His name is Gregory Mason and was once a normal man. He saw the arrival of ZEdobElFZGxiblJzWlcxaGJnPT0= to our world, but we do not mention him easily so I have hidden his name and what he has done. This is the last time I will mention him.

My Master gained great insight from such a bWluZCBzaGF0dGVyaW5n arrival and became immune to what ZEdobElFZGxiblJzWlcxaGJnPT0= did.

QWx0ZXJlZCB0aW1l introduced Theurgy to the world and he could see the change. He could take advantage of it. Not the first in history to become a Theurge, but certainly the most powerful.

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