Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Theurgic Void

Cardiff has now become a Void in which no Theurgy can be used. It is rather worrisome as it has put a lot of Theurges out of business in the area and forced them to relocate.

It was centred on Sophia Gardens, which can only mean that He is involved somehow. A few people were found in His base of operations there and my Master has relocated them to London, putting some of the younger ones in an orphanage.

There are two staying here with my Master. A man named Vincent and another named Paul. They keep asking "where is she?" but won't say who they are referring to, as if they don't know her name. They reek of the Mist.

I am worried about them, but also wary that they will attract His attention to us.

I don't want to die like that. Not in the way He kills.


  1. Oh geez.

    I hope everything's alright, I had some friends there. Well, friends might be a charitable term, but that's what I thought of them as.

    And...the way He kills? I hate to ask, but would you care to elaborate on that?

  2. Also, He uses theurgy, right? Can even He use theurgy in a Void, like in Cardiff?

  3. Doctor: I would rather not.

    Daniel: He generates Mist by His very presence, so He still could if He saw fit to use it.

  4. Oh dear. I hope everyone is alright.

    And don't worry Ezekiel, as long as you aren't deemed Chosen I'm sure you will be alright.

  5. He would never Choose a Theurge, but that doesn't prevent Him from killing. He doesn't kill those he Chooses.

  6. He doesn't kill the Chosen.

    Oh joy. Guess I won't be murdered by some unknowable monstrosity, then. As if the alternative's much better...

    Better just keep running, then...