Monday, 23 May 2011

Notes and Reference I

Toxin [A]
Common name: Mist
Effect: Aether thinning
Side-Effects: Insomnia, Psychosis, Memory Loss

Notes: Useful for pulling apart the Aether for easier use of Theurgy, but the side-effects of prolonged exposure are generally not worth it to anyone other than an experienced Ziotheurge due to their Sana Infirmitatem ability.


Toxin [D]
Common Name: Illusory Draught
Effect: Major Hallucinations
Side-Effects: Addiction, Insomnia, Memory Loss, Seizures

Notes: A powerful drug with extremely addictive properties. Used by elderly Theurges who can experience the main effect without worrying about how long until the side-effects kick in, which is normally a few years of weekly use.
Craftsmen have been known to lace Soul Masks with this to create a drawing-effect since minor doses can cause addiction without the hallucinations. This creates a dependence on the Mask and sees return custom if it breaks. The IGT have prosecuted many Craftsmen who have done this.


  1. What is the Aether, Ezekiel?

  2. Also, IGT stands for International Guild of Theurges, right?

  3. The Aether is the magical aura that is in the air. It is easier to control in smaller pieces, but Mist is a bit of an extreme method of tearing it.

    Yes, the IGT is the International Guild of Theurges.

    Suffering from a bit of Insomnia, so I'm writing up another post at the moment.

  4. So, Illusory Draught is more or less magic LSD? That could be bad.

  5. Which is why it is banned by the IGT, though that doesn't stop people from using it.