Friday, 24 June 2011

Lack of Updates

I have been away with my Master for the last few weeks at the Grand Library. It is in a vault under Rome. My Master gave me the challenge of deciphering all the manuscripts made by a certain author over 300 years ago and I managed it. He was quite proud.

I did, however, find something rather strange by the same author. A collection of codes and pictures, but they were in pristine condition. They weren't aged at all.

Tempus was only discovered 120 years ago, so he couldn't have used that to keep them clean. It is all the same handwriting and they were in a box I found about 3 miles into the Archive and that place is kept tight. The box was dated and sealed about 280 years ago, so it couldn't have been tampered with or they would know.

My Master has given me the extra challenge of working all this out. I'll start posting the pieces tomorrow. For now I need rest.

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