Monday, 27 June 2011

Page 002

Here is the new page.

The leaf shape in the middle on the original is hypnotising. It is the darkest of blacks but it doesn't stain through the page. It doesn't look drawn or filled... It just is. I just drew the outline as I don't feel I could replicate it.

The eye shape with the long lashes is also more symmetrical in the original drawing. I'm not a very good artist.

I would also like to apologise as I made a mistake on page 1. The first symbol on the lower set of symbols is upside down. It should look more like a u than an n. I am very sorry if this has confused anyone.


  1. The words at the top-right say "First Relive" in weird, inside-out (backwards and right-to-left? Very strange) writing.
    At the bottom spells "New World" in the same style.

    Above "New World" is 11.11 (or ll.ll but probably 11.11, 11.11 would be either the eleventh of November or November of 2011, perhaps when "All will die unless they gather"? Something to do with the New World?), and above that is AM (Alexis' initials) upside down, above that is the darkest-of-blacks leaf, and then what looks like the eyes of a mask. Then "First Relive".

  2. "The eye shape with the long lashes"
    Hm, nevermind about the 'eyes of a mask' comment. Instead, perhaps the eyes of a female? Certainly follows along with Alexis' initials being on the page as well.

  3. Eyes of a mask? If not this Alexis person you keep mentioning then it could be a Soul Mask...

  4. Isn't a Soul Mask the Masks that the Chosen wear?

  5. I suppose so. For some strange reason I thought the Chosen masks had a different name.

  6. After reviewing the picture again, those eyes are definitely from ShadowLeave's mask. I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of her...