Monday, 6 June 2011

Notes and Reference III

Iron and Steel
It is a known fact that iron has special properties that are lost in the conversion to steel, even though it gains strength and durability.

Iron is a very useful weapon against Fey and Theurges. It has the ability to maintain a small amount of Aether around it, cutting off any Theurgy in the area. As a weapon it can get through the Theurgic defences of the Fey and as an armour it is useful to protect yourself from Theurgy.

Many Theurges, myself included, wear specially stitched gloves on their off-hand that are laced with iron. While not a comfortable material to wear and often worn over silk, it can allow the Theurge to re-stitch the Aether by moving the hand through it. This cancels any Theurgy in progress and can also be used in Duels as a defence, though in Official IGT Duels this material is banned as it ruins the sport.


  1. Hey, you wouldn't happen to know anything about Calcic [D], would you?

  2. I woke up after a few hours of sleep to find this question?

    It's a mind control Dilute. That also creates extreme hallucinations. Banned by the IGT, of course.


  3. Ohh boy...

    Vadiir mentioned something about it to me on Formspring. Says it's in his blood. Which could be troublesome, since he's made himself Immune and I've...gotten Sick, heheh. Can't say I'm too stoked at the thought of drinking blood, but if it gets me better...ugh...

    I just can't catch a break...

  4. Made himself Immune? Drinking blood works?

  5. This should be investigated but I don't think I should go near them.

  6. Probably a good plan.

    Also, you may wanna be careful talking to me after tomorrow night. I might not be...myself.

  7. Hrm, since Doc and I are having such trouble with Vadiir now... Just adding to our list of problems... It would be so nice to have help?
    Plus you could always do some investigating. Heh.
    That is if we last through today.

    Jenifer, a.k.a. other-girl-going-to-be-murdered-by-Vadiir